I had been searching for an editor like Jen for a long time, so I was so excited when I found her page and was put on her client waiting list. She promised she would finish “Broken Wings” no matter what, and she has kept that promise. Jen is reliable, kind, and an amazing editor. She knows what she is doing and has immensely improved my manuscript, and I am so grateful for all the valuable time she’s put into it. She is so encouraging and has made so many suggestions about things I would have never even thought about fixing. I really appreciate all she’s done for me!

Ellie Rose, “Broken Wings”

Jen is really a very kind and generous person. I’m really glad that I found her in Wattpad’s editorial forum and she accepted my request for helping out in editing.


My book is completed and I already edited it like 4-5 times, but I’m still not satisfied. The way Jen works is different. She will give you suggestions, notes, and examples to help you improve. She will also encourage you to write more efficiently.


Thank you so much for helping me out in correcting grammatical mistakes, description, flow of story, etc.  I don’t think anyone will give their valuable time… just to help another person’s story, but she is doing this amazing job.


Now, she has started an amazing book so that any author can edit their work.

New Bubble Jet, “Foreign Boy Took My Heart”