First, I got to say that Jen is so nice and so cooperative. Sometimes people hesitate to talk to new people, but I didn’t get that hesitation from working with her. Jen has been so helpful in improving my writing. Her style of editing is amazing, and it helped me highlight my mistakes and blunders. Her delivery is fast, and I was stunned by her speed. Lastly, I can say that I am so grateful for Jen’s help!

Kainat Rupanzel, “Gains and Losses”

Working with Jen has been a very refreshing experience. I had no idea that someone could be so confident in their writing. I thank Jen for pushing me to grow as a writer. She has helped me a lot with my first book, and she’s still doing that. From catching every error to suggesting ideas making it better, Jen has helped me a lot, and I am quite confident now. Now, I find myself making fewer errors thanks to Jen, again. It has been an incredible learning process. I definitely plan on working with Jen for all my future projects. I really appreciate her advice and help.

Humaira Azad, “Lust After Eden”